Pakistani forces have allegedly abducted four men from Kech district of Balochistan, on Thursday.

According to reports, Pakistani forces late night on Thursday have arrested and moved four people to an unknown location during a raid. The abductees have been identified as, Nabi Nabi Baksh s/o Bahram, Rustam s/o Kareem, Raziq s/o Barkat and Shahdad s/o Murad Ali.

During the raid on houses, Pakistani forces allegedly tortured people including women and children, said sources. While the forces also took mobile phones and valuables of the residents with them.

The issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan has been going on more than two decades. A report in 2019 was issued by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan that around 47,000 Baloch are missing adding that the numbers are contested.

However, the series of enforced disappearances continues unabated, while thousands have been targeted, and hundreds have been found in mass graves. 

In March 2019 around more than a dozen bullet riddled dead bodies buried were in Dasht area of Quetta by Edhi volunteers without identification. In October 2014, three mass graves were discovered in Khuzdar district of Balochistan, who were buried without DNA tests where the families of Baloch missing persons were concerned that those mass graves could be of their missing loved ones.

Meanwhile, the Voice For Baloch Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), an organisation working for the safe release of missing persons completed its 4636 days of protest camp in front of Quetta press club, on Thursday.

A senior leader of a political party, Pashtukhwa MAP, Qadir Agha, Habib Agha, Sulaiman and others visited the VBMP camp for expressing solidarity with the families of Baloch missing persons.

On this occasion, Mama Qadeer, the Vice Chairman of VBMP said that the “state’s hands are stained with the blood of Baloch and Pashtuns, which has increased hatred against the state and that will take time to heal”. 

He further said, there is no difference between the Baloch and Pashtun genocide, operations and conspiracies of the Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies towards them is same. “The occupiers, with all their military, civilian and political power, are trying to destroy the national identity of Baloch people and are pursuing policies to counter their peaceful struggle,” Mama Qadeer added.

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