In a recent media statement, the Baloch National Movement claimed that the Pakistani security forces had tried to rape women and children in Kolwah. The organization said that the Pakistani state is reenacting the history of Bangladesh in Balochistan now. The group said that such abject practices will produce devastating results and the “life of slavery of the Baloch nation” will be even more challenging.

Baloch National Movement, a non-violent political party advocating for the independence of Balochistan, said that the sexual assault of the Pakistani forces on women and children is “shameful.” BNM said that it had received intelligence from locals that in Dal Bazar village of Kolwah Dandaar Keech district of Balochistan, FC Subedaar named Yaro had entered a house in the middle of the night. Yaro reportedly knew that the men in the house were absent. The group said that Yaro took advantage of the situation and sexually assaulted the women and children in the house and tried to rape them at gunpoint. The victims screamed and the neighbours woke up and rushed to the spot, thus thwarting the FC Subedaar’s attempt to rape the women and the children, BNM claimed.

BNM condemned the assault and said that the Pakistani forces have inflicted severe physical and psychological torture on the people of Balochistan. Whenever they get the opportunity, the FC soldiers sexually assault women and children. The group said that there have been reports of women being raped and pregnant women forced to have abortions.

The group appealed to the international media to report such flagrant violations of human rights in Balochistan. The group also appealed to the human rights groups to take notice of the rights violations and hold Pakistan accountable.

Human rights groups and Baloch nationalists have accused the Pakistani security forces of carrying out human rights violations in Balochistan, including sexually assaulting women and children. In June 2021, the Baloch National Movement said that the Pakistani forces had raped over a dozen women in Kilkor, Panjgoor, during a particularly devastating military operation. The news spread like wildfire on social media and spurred the anger of human rights groups, political workers, politicians and Baloch nationalists who demanded that the forces be held accountable for such practices.

In a similar incident in May 2021, the Pakistani forces had sexually assaulted a thirteen-year-old minor in Hoshab in district Kech. The kid, Ameer Murad, was reportedly collecting honey near the FC headquarters when he was cornered and sexually assaulted by the FC soldiers.

Countless similar incidents of FC soldiers sexually assaulting civilians have been reported. Baloch rights groups and activists claim that the Pakistani state is deliberately covering up such incidents.

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