Haq Do Movement leader Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman was reportedly abused and threatened by FC soldiers on Saturday in Gwadar. His vehicle was stopped at the Dhor security check-post where the FC checked his CNIC and relevant documents. When the vehicle started to leave, the FC soldiers reportedly started abusing the Haq Do Movement leader and threatened to shoot him on the spot.

Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman reportedly became infuriated and started shouting at the FC soldiers, saying: “This is my land; who are you?” Locals of Gwadar were also infuriated by FC’s conduct and blocked the nearby road in protest. They condemned the FC’s behaviour, called them “uncivilized” and said that such conduct is against the local traditions and customs and will not be tolerated. The locals said that this kind of behaviour will only worsen the situation.

Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman said that this kind of behaviour is not new; it has become the norm in Balochistan. In many cases, the FC soldiers have been known to behave like this – it is their modus operandi. Even when they had seen the CNIC and other relevant documents, they were unwilling to accept me as a citizen of this country.

Rehman is an outspoken critic of the Pakistani security forces and their behaviour in Balochistan. He has berated the FC during his many speeches in seminars, protests and demonstrations, saying they are involved in the harassment of the locals and perpetuation of crimes such as enforced disappearances and drug trafficking. He has also alleged that the FC violate the privacy of Baloch households and do not respect the traditions and customs of the Baloch society. He claims that the FC are the not protectors of the people, but rather the engineers the ills plaguing Balochistan today. Their withdrawal is the only solution of Balochsitan’s ills, he believes.

Rehman is a staunch advocate of the “demilitarization” of Balochistan. He has repeatedly called for the removal of unnecessary security checkpoints and security forces from Balochistan. In fact, the demilitarization of Balochistan was a primary demand of his Haq Do Movement which has garnered the support of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Balochistan and launched him into the position of a leader.

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