The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), media wing fro Pakistani armed forces has claimed in a recent press release that the Pakistani forces have killed more Baloch insurgents during the “rescue operation” to save the abducted army officer and his cousin. The army officer, identified as Lieutenant Colonel Laiq Baig Mirza, was kidnapped and later killed by the Baloch Liberation Army but his cousin is still missing. 

Earlier this, the ISPR claimed in a press release on Thursday that the Pakistani forces were immediately dispatched to the area following the abduction of Mirza and his cousin. A “rescue operation” was launched in the mountainous areas of Ziarat and Harnai to save the two detainees. ISPR said that the forces, aided by gunship choppers, cornered the insurgents near the Mangi Dam where they killed the detained army officer and tried to flee. ISPR said that the Pakistani forces confronted the insurgents and two of them were killed in the ensuing gun battle. 

While on Friday, the ISPR claimed of killing five more insurgents in a clash. Five insurgents have been killed in a clash with the forces in Khost area, while a Havaldar of the forces, Khan Muhammad, has been killed in the attack, the ISPR statement said.

However, the BLA has said nothing about Mirza’s detained cousin, Umer Javed. The group has also not commented on the ISPR’s claim of killing the insurgents.  

ISPR said that despite the harsh weather conditions in the area, the “rescue operation” is underway in the area to save Umer Javed. 

There are reports that the military operation of the Pakistani forces is gravely affecting the local population in Harnai and its adjacent areas. Local sources claim that the forces detained a man from the area and moved him to an undisclosed location. 

The locals blocked the highway leading to Ziarat in protest against the ongoing military operation. Hundreds of vehicles lined the highway and the traffic was suspended for hours.

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