The torrential rains and flash floods have wreaked havoc in Balochistan in the past few weeks. A bridge collapsed on the main highway in the coastal city of Hub Chowki, suspending the traffic to Karachi indefinitely. Furthermore, rain-related incidents in other areas of Balochistan also caused houses to collapse, leading to multiple casualties.

According to reports, two individuals were electrocuted to death in Dera Murad Jamali following heavy rains in the area. In Jafarabad, a house collapsed due to the torrential rains which killed a woman and child.

A bridge located on the main Karachi highway was washed away in Hub Chowki by the floods which suspended the traffic for hours. Highways are a rarity in Balochistan, and the ones that are constructed often wear away within a few years. The funds allocated for the projects are embezzled by the contractors, and the highways are constructed using low-quality materials.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has estimated that at least 102 deaths have been reported in Quetta and other areas of Balochistan in rain-related incidents. Furthermore, the monsoon rains also caused multiple dams to breach and overflow which flooded the civilian settlements located nearby. The continuous rains have also damaged hundreds of acres of crops across Balochistan. In the Koh-e-Sulaiman mountain range, the heavy rains have caused land sliding which has blocked several inter-provincial roads and caused serious problems for travellers.

The met report suggests heavy downpour on Tuesday and the coming few days. In Barkhan more than 150mm of rainfall was recorded which triggered flash floods. The rainwater has also pooled in numerous locations in the city which has affected the mobility of the civilians.

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