Pakistani law enforcement agencies were targeted by Baloch “pro-independence” groups in multiple attacks on Thursday, August 11, which Baloch nationalist celebrate as the independence day of Balochistan.

According to reports, Baloch armed groups carried out multiple attacks on Pakistan army check-posts, targeted Police officials and a Police station in Kalat Quetta, Balgatar, Jhaoo and Machh areas of Balochistan.

On Thursday, a Baloch armed group, the Baloch Liberation Army claimed responsibility of several attacks in a press release. The spokesperson for the group, Jeeyand Baloch said that their fighters have targeted the Pakistani army and police in three different attacks in Kalat, Machh and Balgatar, killing at least one officer and injuring four others.

Jeeyand Baloch said that BLA fighters attacked a police station in Kalat on Wednesday night — adding that their target was the SHO of the station, who was present at the time of the attack. He said that the SHO is involved in harassment of public under the pretext of checking and files bogus police reports to blackmail the innocent civilians. “This attack was a warning for the SHO and other police officers to stop their anti-Baloch policies on behest of the occupying forces,” Jeeyand Baloch said.

In the same statement, BLA claimed responsibility for two other attacks saying that a group of BLA fighters fired rockets and other heavy weapons at the post of the Pakistan Army in the premises of “National Coal Lease” in Machh area of ​​Bolan. “An enemy personnel was killed on the spot while the occupying forces also suffered more losses,’ the statement reads.

The statement further said that in Balgatar area of Kech district, an outpost of Pakistani forces was targeted with grenade launchers and other weapons. “Several grenades landed inside the outpost, injuring at least two enemy personnel and inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.”

In another statement released on Thursday by BLA, in which the group took the credit for attacking another senior Police official in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan. “The targeted SHO, on behest of Pakistan’s secretive agencies, has been involved in raiding houses, torturing civilians and disrespecting people on the streets under the pretext of checking,” BLA spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, another Baloch “pro-independence” group, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) claimed responsibility of attacking Pakistani forces’ outpost in Jhaoo area of Awaran on Thursday.

BLF spokesman Major Gohram Baloch said in a statement that their fighters attacked the Pakistani army post in Jhaoo-sorh-Attah Muhammad Bazar with snipers, rockets and automatic weapons. “In this attack, one enemy soldier was killed on the spot, while they also received more casualties and loss,” BLF spokesperson claimed.

It is pertinent mention that every year in August, specially on 11th and 14th, the Baloch groups target Pakistani forces and government installations. The August 11 is known and celebrated as the independence day of Balochistan from British rule. While, Pakistan celebrates its independence day on August 14.

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