The anti-polio campaign has been postponed for once again in Balochistan due to floods. 

According to reports, the Balochistan government has decided to postpone the anti-polio campaign scheduled to begin on September 5, a statement issued by the health department said.

The campaign has been postponed after floods wreaked havoc across Balochistan. As per officials, a new schedule for the anti-polio campaign will be announced later.

It is the second time so far that the government has postponed the anti-polio campaign. Earlier, the health department had postponed the campaign scheduled to begin on August 29.

Since the rains started in June, at least 295 people have been killed and 1.3 million people have been displaced in Balochistan. The Baloc­histan government on Wednesday declared 32 out of the total 34 districts “calamity-hit”.

Senior politician and former senator, Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani said that thousands of people were in desperate need of support in Balochistan. “The philanthropists should come forward and support the flood-affected people”, Raisani said.

He further added that people are deprived of a one-time meal and we should join hands to support them.

While on the other hand, government is being criticised for poor assistance and being “absent” in many flood-hit rural areas. According to local sources, they are on their own in such disastrous times.

Meanwhile a video of the government’s helicopter dropping relief items went viral on various social media networks. People on social media lashed out at the government for dropping relief items recklessly in flood-hit areas, wasting them.

While the government of Balochistan admitted on Thursday that the pilot of the helicopter that wasted flour bags meant for flood relief by dropping them from a great height, was forced to do so as he could not find a safe spot to land.

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