The police reportedly arrested dozens of students from different areas of Quetta on Sunday for allegedly celebrating Pakistan Cricket Team’s loss in Asia Cup at the hands of Sri Lanka.

Baloch students were among the thousands of cricket fans tightly glued to their TVs, watching the teeth-clenching Asia Cup final match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. As the Sri Lankan team outsmarted their Pakistani adversary and bagged the cup, Baloch students erupted into a boisterous revelry, celebrating the phenomenal win. Videos shared on social media showed the students clapping and shouting, much to the chagrin of the teary-eyed Pakistani fans.

In some areas, the students reportedly went out on the roads to celebrate Sri Lanka’s win. Quetta police vehicles patrolling the areas spotted the celebrating students, apprehended them and took them to the police station.

Videos of the incident shared on social media show police mobiles taking the detained students to the police station. A large number of students gathered in front of the Brewary Station in the middle of the night, demanding the immediate release of their friends.

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